Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Los Fabulosos Cadillacs Tour 2009"

I had always liked Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. Actually, the summer before the concert, I listened to them a lot. The date of this event was in October 11th, on Sunday. I went with my two sisters, two cousins and some of my older sister's friends. That day I met with everybody at Marcelo's loft, one of my sister’s friend at 4 o’clock. We really had a great time there! We prepared Ponche with Chirimoya, we had rum and also ate some things too. We left the loft at 6 o’clock. The concert took place in Club Hipico and it was going to start at 9 o’ clock, but before that two more bands were playing that day: Chico Trujillo and Los Tres. It was incredible, but when Los Fabulosos Cadillacs appeared, it was one of the greatest moments of that night! We got extremely mad! But the most incredible moment was when they sang “El satánico Doctor Cadillac”, everybody started to sing, jump, shout and all that beautiful things that happen when you are in a concert. The worst memory of that night was when we left Club Hipico: 50.000 people were trying to get out from only one exit! But that was just a detail… in conclusion, it was one of the most wonderful musical experience that I ve’ever had.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Definitely, a prominent person.

Well, today I will talk about a person who I don't specifically admire, but I highlight him from other political people: Marco Enriquez- Ominami. Why?  Because of many reasons. First of all, he began his political career in the Partido Socialista, but he was so much different comparing him with other icons of that political party. Actually, in 2002, he developed a documentary named “Chile, los héroes están fatigados" where he analyzes how the older icons of his party, has advised and made up companies, contributing to promote the neoliberal system in Chile. That is why he speaks about “the businesses politic” every time he shows himself and personally, I think exactly the same thing. In fact, I think that nowadays, it doesn’t exist a real fight between (political concept) the left and the right, because some factual powers has made us to accept finally, this horrible system named capitalism. This is why I highlight him, because considering this the disgusting stage in which we are, he has criticized every political people, every political action, but always defending his own ideals.  

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The "Sacrifice"

Well… I think that this party was extremely weird…how can I start…OK. All this story begins in the afternoon of that day. I and some of my friends went to bought all the alcohol for this party, in a place where it is cheaper than everywhere. The truth, it was too tiring!
BUT, then we get to Alfie’s apartment, to celebrate his birthday, so we drank beer, we talk about a lot of things, so, in summary, we had a great time.
When it gets dark, we arrived to the party. After that we were blessed by god, because we were in charge of the alcohol, what a sacrifice! Since 1.30 A.M, I began to enjoy it more. I danced, drink a little bit, meet with people, laugh a lot, and different other things that are resting in my consciousness, hahaha. And, that’s it! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Looking Forward"

I feel like a beginner in this. Actually, this is my first experience on a blog. As you can see, I have named it “looking forward”, according to my situation on this experience and also the stage of life that I m crossing nowadays. Well, about me, my name is Diego, one more guy in this little faculty, a place in which I have known incredible friends, lived great moments and also, developed in the person that now I am.