Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The "Sacrifice"

Well… I think that this party was extremely weird…how can I start…OK. All this story begins in the afternoon of that day. I and some of my friends went to bought all the alcohol for this party, in a place where it is cheaper than everywhere. The truth, it was too tiring!
BUT, then we get to Alfie’s apartment, to celebrate his birthday, so we drank beer, we talk about a lot of things, so, in summary, we had a great time.
When it gets dark, we arrived to the party. After that we were blessed by god, because we were in charge of the alcohol, what a sacrifice! Since 1.30 A.M, I began to enjoy it more. I danced, drink a little bit, meet with people, laugh a lot, and different other things that are resting in my consciousness, hahaha. And, that’s it! 


  1. Jajajajajajá, I can remember all your jokes man!
    You're Insane!

  2. "we went TO BUY" the second verb is in the infinitive form, only the first takes the past form.
    Arrive AT or arrive IN.
    What a sacrifice, huhh??

  3. what matters is that you've had a good time...